Manage compensation the way you want. More choice. No compromise.

Your compensation philosophy and strategy is unique to your organization. Don’t shortchange your pay strategy with tools that make you conform to inefficient rules.

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Why PeopleFluent Compensation

PeopleFluent’s best-of-breed compensation software is configurable. It fits any compensation strategy no matter the complexity and helps reduce administration time. Integrated with your HCM, PeopleFluent can extend the value of your tech investment and optimize salaries to impact your bottom line.

Discover how PeopleFluent Compensation can help your business.

  • Handle multiple compensation types.
  • Allow plan modifications to meet continually changing plan designs.
  • Evaluate rewards and pay equity during the planning process.
  • Align rewards with performance.
  • Model, budget, and allocate compensation globally.
  • Facilitate compensation actions on a year-round basis.
  • Provide decision support to managers.
  • Deliver business results with integrated pay for performance.

Make compensation your competitive edge!

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