Beyond the Interview: Strategies and Tools for Making Better Hiring Decisions

Human Capital Institute Talent Pulse

*Talent Pulse from the Human Capital Institute (HCI) explores the latest trends and challenges in talent management.

To accelerate the hiring process, organizations need to develop clear performance criteria and articulate critical factors of new hire success. However, some organizations may be going nowhere fast because they don’t understand what success in the open position looks like, have inconsistent and decentralized hiring processes, and manage talent acquisition with inadequate technologies.

In this year’s HCI Talent Pulse research, find out what makes high-performing organizations succeed. The results include:

  • Applying predictive algorithms for screening candidates
  • Using pre-hire testing to assess skills, cognitive ability, motivation, and personality
  • Centralizing their talent acquisition strategies and deployment with a center of excellence
  • Best practices for implementing and using technology solutions for talent acquisition

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