WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Hollywood Hacks: Tweak Your Learning Content for Maximum Results

This webinar took place on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

CJ Casciotta, author, media producer, and founder of Ringbeller Studios explored how to inspire people to learn something in a fresh way so it actually sticks with them and creates change.

In a new era when even late night stars are producing videos from their web cams, the opportunity for anyone to produce quality content is bigger than ever.

So why is it people love watching late night TV and hate online training sessions?

How can you infuse hollywood-style storytelling, production tricks, and editing techniques without hiring J.J. Abrams as your director.

(Look, this pandemic is affecting everybody. Maybe he’d be down).

Is it possible to make learning to be less like cauliflower and more like pizza? Join CJ Casciotta and the Instilled by PeopleFluent team to:

  • Explore how to inspire people to learn something in a fresh way so it actually sticks with them and creates change.
  • Learn how to become storytelling chemists - raising levels of endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine in learners
  • Discover simple tactics that we can apply practically when it comes to scripting, production, and editing to make our content go from ho-hum to wowza!

About CJ Casciotta

CJ is an author, media producer, and founder of Ringbeller, a media production company dedicated to making educational content fun. Through original series development for learners of all ages as well as branded partnerships and corporate production services, Ringbeller's team of storytellers, educators, and technologists serves the 21st century learning economy, creating content that's equally engaging and effective.

Throughout his career CJ has consulted and collaborated with companies desiring to teach people in creative and fresh ways including Lululemon, MGM Studios, Sesame Street, Delta Airlines, HealthStream and The United Nations Foundation. A sought after speaker and TEDx alumnus, he's traveled around the world inspiring communities like Creative Mornings, Belmont University, Charity:Water, and STORY. In addition, CJ's work has been featured by Forbes, Salon, CBS, MTV, and Publishers Weekly.

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