PeopleFluent LMS 15.2 Customer Briefing

See What's New in PeopleFluent LMS 15.2
August 5, 2020 at 11 am ET, 4 pm BST

The next release of the PeopleFluent LMS, version 15.2, is just a few weeks away. Join us as PeopleFluent Product Manager for Learning, Jim Johnson, provides an update on the upcoming enhancements.

The 15.2 release will include:

  • The first phase of a new embedded analytics dashboard, leveraging integrations with Rustici Engine and Watershed LRS
  • The beginning of a broader user interface/user experience uplift, starting with two example pages.

PeopleFluent continues to enhance products with new capabilities that will help you develop and execute entire learning program, end to end. Deploy and track your learning programs. Evaluate and adjust programs to make them more effective. Measure and report results.

Information for this release will be made available on our customer community.

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