The New Culture of Work [eBook]

Unlocking the Power of Talent Journeys

In the face of global uncertainty, the Human Resources function must undergo metamorphosis in order to avoid extinction. That’s definitely not to say organizations will be devoid of HR professionals, but they may be more inclined to automate the function with help from external sources.

Leaders can match pace with the changing world of talent—and account for the ways the coronavirus pandemic has altered the way we work—by deploying strategies and solutions to guide a modern talent journey.

In this eBook, ‘The New Culture of Work: Unlocking the Power of Talent Journeys’, we’ve shed light on the urgent needs that companies must meet. Business and HR leaders will be emboldened to take a journey of their own, one that’s destined to start and continue with a human-centered approach.

This resource includes information about:

  • How enterprise organizations can support a modern talent journey through use of talent mobility solutions.
  • The major forces and disruptors that are influencing the future of work, and how to overcome them.
  • Why now is the time for HR leaders to redesign processes with a human approach, and how to align them with technology.

Download the full eBook for more insights on how your organization can support a modern talent journey.

Download the ebook

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