[Webinar] Recruitment Workflows: From the Simple to the Complex

July 16th at 11 am ET/3 pm GMT

Finding the best talent isn’t always the biggest challenge for recruiters. Often it’s getting your best candidates through the hiring process. Building efficient workflows can shorten your overall time to hire and prevent top talent from dropping out.

The average time to hire in the US continues to hover around 24 days and can cost thousands of dollars. Every organization operates differently, and not every role has the same challenges. From the simple to the complex, it is important to review your process and prevent candidates from dropping off or falling through the cracks.

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • How you can rein in your talent acquisition workflows.
  • Which parts of your recruitment processes are hindering your efforts.
  • How to align your process with flexible recruiting software.
  • And, ultimately, how to turn your talent acquisition into a seamless, effective process.

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Jennifer Barfield
Customer Success Manager, Talent Acquisition

Jennifer Barfield is the Customer Success Manager responsible for talent acquisition and onboarding. Jenni has been with PeopleFluent for 13 years and has extensive knowledge of recruiting platforms, onboarding, and software integrations. Jenni looks for efficiencies and looks to streamline and help clients get the most out of their recruiting system investments.

Tracy Hintermister
Account Executive

Tracy is an Account Executive with PeopleFluent, with expertise in recruiting, talent acquisition, talent management, and onboarding. She has more than 20 years in helping organizations identify complex HR SaaS solutions.

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