WEBINAR: The Rise of the CHRO: Q&A Session with Stephen Bruce

May 12 2020 at 11:00 A.M. EST

Today, the CHRO is in the spotlight. From reorganizing compensation structures, reevaluating succession plans, determining new ways to track employee performance, training and developing a new-look workforce, HR leaders are leading the charge on people management.

The need for digital transformation has accelerated and HR departments are looking for direction on ways to align technology with the unique needs of the workforce more than ever.

Join us for a live Q&A session on Tuesday, May 12, 11:00 am EST with Stephen Bruce, Managing Director, PeopleFluent and guests for a conversation on:

  • Managing changes to compensation (i.e. hazard pay, shaft differentials)
  • Updates to goal setting, performance evaluations and workflow management
  • Improve collaboration/learning with video and visual communication
  • Cross- training on new requirements, techniques and business changes

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