WEBINAR: Innovation and Continuous Improvement in Compensation Design

July 2, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. EST

Organizations risk misspending billions of dollars every year without materially affecting business results in a meaningful way.

As companies continue to move away from ratings-based annual performance reviews, compensation departments are looking at how to implement design strategies that are a departure from the merit matrix and other traditional pay-for-performance programs.

Join our webinar with Tom Sykes, Director of Product Development and Stephen Bruce, Managing Director, PeopleFluent as we discuss the ongoing improvement cycle for building a structured compensation process to foster innovation, reduce adverse impact and drive positive business results. Attend our discussion to learn more on:

  • Discover innovative trends in compensation plan design
  • Understand measurement strategies to gauge the impact of modifying specific compensation program design elements
  • Gain the knowledge and perspective required for developing a business case for change and positioning with key internal stakeholders

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