Frontline Workers, Critical Skill Development, and No Room for Error

Build a superior virtual learning program inside your high-compliance environment in four steps. Your journey begins on September 16. Let our experts guide you through this webinar series.

This four-part webinar series will deliver the essentials when it comes to building a superior virtual learning program inside of a high-compliance environment.

Step 1: Distance Learning: Strategies, Approaches, and Content

Wednesday, September 16th, 11AM ET
Effective and engaging distance learning requires a perfect mix of technology, tools, content, and strategy—always with a perfect balance between learner and organizational needs. Learned from over 30 years designing and delivering distance learning that works.

Step 2: Learning Technologies That Never Fail

Wednesday, September 23rd, 11AM ET

Technology is only part of the story when you are building a fail-proof virtual learning program but it is critical that the technology you use to support critical training outcomes is always reliable. Learn about which technologies will never fail you.

Step 3: Measurement That Saves Time-Money-Lives

Wednesday, September 30th , 11AM ET

Evaluating training effectiveness is especially important because real-world errors can have significant consequences. Learn how organizations are measuring competencies, centralizing audit information, and using integrated data ecosystems.

Step 4: Learn From Each Other

Wednesday, October 7th, 11AM ET

Now it’s time to learn directly from those companies that are executing virtual learning programs for their frontline workers, essential teams, clinical research sites, and more. Hear from companies like SCL Health, Virginia Commonwealth University Health, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the Hemophilia Federation of America.

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