LTG Announces PeopleFluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity Division to Operate as a Separate Business

The separation of PeopleFluent’s workforce compliance and diversity division into its own business highlights the commitment of parent company LTG to build on past success and grow offerings to meet client needs.

Irving, TX – September 25, 2018 – Learning Technologies Group plc (“LTG”), the integrated talent management and learning software and services provider, announced today that it will be launching PeopleFluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity division as its own brand within the LTG portfolio. The new business will be named Affirmity and will be launched in November 2018.

PeopleFluent’s Workforce Compliance and Diversity solutions offer a unique combination of expert analysis, consulting, and technology allowing organizations to design, implement, and track affirmative action and diversity and inclusion programs. The decision by LTG to separate the business from PeopleFluent highlights a commitment to develop an already successful business unit, leveraging LTG resources to further enhance offerings and serve the growing needs of clients and prospects.

Affirmity will be led by co-Managing Directors, Jeffery D. Lewis and Bruce Kile, who each bring more than 20 years of experience in the industry to the new brand.

Affirmity has been created to address the pressure that companies are under to mitigate risk under evolving regulations and emerging trends in workforce compliance. This pressure is enhanced by the perennial need to attract, develop, and retain a highly productive workforce and compete globally. With its proven success and focus on supporting diversity and inclusion programs, Affirmity delivers solutions that meet these intersecting needs.

Jeffrey Lewis, Co-Managing Director, said, “We are very pleased with the vision and direction provided by LTG. As a leader in workforce compliance and diversity with over 40 years in the business, Affirmity will be well positioned to enhance our offerings and to more efficiently and effectively serve our clients and prospects.”

“We have deliberately evolved our diversity solutions to help organizations establish benchmarks and monitor and measure against objectives,” said Bruce Kile, Co-Managing Director. “Driven by the needs of our clients, we’ve expanded our product offerings with capabilities that provide stronger insights into workforce data.”

“One of the greatest values Affirmity offers is the ability to deliver actionable insights to key leaders and decision makers,” said Jonathan Satchell, Chief Executive of LTG.

“The division has always offered the most powerful and complete solutions for affirmative action planning and diversity programming. The new brand captures these strengths and evokes our continued commitment to helping organizations achieve workforce diversity goals—ultimately enhancing their business outcomes.”

The creation of Affirmity is a key element of LTG’s 2018 interim results announcement. Other significant highlights of the announcement include the merging of NetDimensions into PeopleFluent, with NetDimensions software to form a key component of PeopleFluent’s learning suite, as well as plans to launch PeopleFluent’s successful vendor management solution to form its own standalone business.

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