PeopleFluent Learning 23.03 Enhances Competency Tracking and Data Security

RALEIGH, NC—APRIL 6, 2023—PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition, talent management, and learning solutions, proudly announces the latest updates to its learning management system, PeopleFluent Learning. This latest release, version 23.03, includes enhanced features designed to improve the user experience and further protect clients’ data.

PeopleFluent Learning clients now have access to job profile competency analytics. This feature makes it easier for administrators to see the various competencies attached to a job profile along with the quota for each competency. LMS administrators and L&D professionals can quickly compare how many employees are currently in training and how many have achieved a particular competency, making it easier for organizations to track compliance requirements.

Additionally, this latest release makes user data even more secure with updated password reset emails. If a user forgets their password or needs to change it for any reason, the PeopleFluent Learning software will now send users an email with a link, rather than a temporary password that could be intercepted by others. This link takes the user to a page that allows them to reset the password themselves in a secure environment. Users will also receive an email notification whenever their password is changed, allowing them to intervene if their passwords are compromised.

These enhancements align with PeopleFluent’s commitment to continually invest in product upgrades and maintenance. The overarching goal at PeopleFluent is to help organizations solve the workforce challenges of today, such as maintaining compliance in high-consequence industries.

“We’re proud to bring these enhancements to our learning solution,” said PeopleFluent Lead Product Manager, Jim Johnson. “Our LMS ensures that organizations can deliver training, track competencies, and remain compliant in their industries without worrying whether their information is secure—all while providing a stellar user experience.”

To learn more about PeopleFluent Learning, download the product sheet or request a demo today.

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