A Total Talent Management Suite

To engage ALL of your talent, you must ​build a passionate and purposeful workforce. Ensure that you attract and acquire the right employees. And, develop and retain the best talent for tomorrow. PeopleFluent’s Mirror™ Suite provides ​unified talent acquisition, talent management, diversity and contingent workforce solutions in the cloud.



Amplify Employee Impact & Engagement

Connect your people with personalized, collaborative workspaces that let them work how they live. PeopleFluent Talent Management seamlessly integrates mobile, video and social technology, as well as embedded analytics, into the entire employee lifecycle. With the Mirror Suite your organization can communicate, motivate, and inspire all your people, resulting in more revenue, higher productivity and greater satisfaction.


Prioritize People, Not Processes

You know what works best for your people. PeopleFluent’s solutions are uniquely configurable and allow your organization to adapt to talent realities. From personalized user workspaces that prioritize the most relevant information for each individual, to applications like performance and compensation that fit to your best practices, you'll have a solution that truly fits. And as your organization grows and evolves, you'll have ready support to meet new processes, requirements, and employee needs.


Total Talent Management

Truly unifying talent management is a challenge. Be sure you're getting the whole picture. PeopleFluent provides the only complete talent management solution, including full time, part time and contingent workforces. And with the Mirror Suite, you'll have industry-leading applications for Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Compensation, Learning, Succession, and Workforce Planning – uniquely paired with diversity solutions – that easily bring your talent, core HR, and financial systems data together to fully inform your talent decisions.