PeopleFluent products

Talent management and learning solutions to help you guide your organization’s people, culture, and outcomes.


It starts with finding the right people. People who will fit right in and start making a difference. With our recruitment software, you can find them and hire them. Fast.


Stand behind your people. Our performance management software helps you give them the feedback and support they need to rise to new levels. And take your organization along for the ride.


Make your compensation strategy your competitive advantage. Our compensation planning software helps you reward your employees and protect the future. So everyone wins.


When great leaders leave or retire, it creates a vacuum. Our succession planning software helps you identify, grow, and retain your future leaders. And keep your organization steady.

Org Charting

If you can see it, you can plan it. OrgPublisher lets you see your workforce from every possible angle. So you can make more informed decisions.


Even the best hires don’t come pre-packaged with the skills of the future. PeopleFluent Learning helps you grow your workforce and stay competitive. And compliant.

People Analytics

People Analytics will move you to places you haven't been able to reach before. Companies that are truly looking to make the critical decisions that will lead to smarter, more efficient, and growth outcomes need to include People Analytics as part of their Talent Management strategy. More than reports, more than dashboards, people analytics make the case for change.

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