PeopleFluent Learning Paid Enhancement Program

Customize Your LMS to Meet Your Team's Needs

Are you looking to take your version of PeopleFluent Learning to the next level?

With our Paid Enhancement Program, customers can identify and pay for enhancements to improve the LMS, develop features that address company-specific use cases, add value for key stakeholders, and solve unique pain points.

Expand your LMS as a powerhouse of productivity and innovation with PeopleFluent Learning's Paid Enhancement Program. Seize the opportunity to shape your LMS experience like never before!

    • Customized Development: Tailor your LMS to your unique needs. Our service allows you to develop new features perfectly aligned with your learning and development goals. Your LMS, your way!
    • Direct Input Into Development: Your voice matters! You'll have a direct say in the development process with the program—your insights and ideas will shape the future of your LMS.
    • Accelerate Your LMS Evolution: With our Paid Enhancement Program, you can supercharge features or enhancements that might be on our radar, but not the short-term roadmap. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to accelerated improvements!

Request a Paid Enhancement

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