Furniture Retailer Achieves Clarity and Greater Efficiency With PeopleFluent Compensation

Business Challenges

Following recent growth, the North American arm of this global furniture retailer had an immediate need for a digital tool to support compensation planning for its large workforce. Managing a headcount of thousands with spreadsheets lacked scale, so the organization set out to find a better solution from a proven vendor with the ability to handle domestic and global workforces. Furthermore, the retailer needed a solution provider that understood the complexities facing large enterprises and could cater to its overall talent management strategy of providing transparent compensation practices while allowing managers to make pay distribution decisions that are rooted in data.

A Better Approach to Compensation

After purchasing PeopleFluent Compensation in late 2017 to facilitate its 2018 merit planning cycle, managers enjoyed the new central and secure hub for developing and executing their compensation programs. PeopleFluent’s compensation solution integrated with the retailer’s existing HRIS system, as well as allowing them to pull their performance ratings data into the compensation tool. This offered greater clarity for managers who were making performance-based decisions during merit planning.

Business Outcomes

Today, the company uses PeopleFluent Compensation for its merit increase process, communication, educational videos, and tracking payroll schedules. After its first merit cycle, the retailer is already seeing a visible link between performance and compensation, increased efficiency for compensation planning, better communication between managers and employees, and the ability to identify skill gaps.

The enterprise successfully transitioned from using spreadsheets to launching a robust compensation solution. The group is so satisfied with the tool’s capabilities that it is expanding its use of the solution by increasing the compensation review process from annually to semi-annually. Decision makers at the company also plan to use PeopleFluent Compensation to guide their compression adjustments, ensuring they are compensating employees fairly based on distinctions between roles.

PeopleFluent Compensation enables enterprise organizations to design, model, and execute end-to-end compensation programs. We help HR leaders align rewards with organizational strategy and employee performance to motivate your workforce, boost retention, and elevate your employee experience.

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