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Hire Great Talent Without Losing Your Shirt [Infographic]

Competition for talent across every industry is up, and while your approach to employment branding and candidate experience are important, money still talks! In this infographic, we’ve assembled a crash course on the talent crisis, why you’ll need to make the most of your compensation budget to compete, and how to go about doing just that.

Did you know that in September 2021, a record-breaking 3% of the US workforce—some 4.4 million people—quit their jobs? Discover more about this and other key facts in the infographic below, including:

  • How many workers are currently considering leaving their jobs
  • The percentage of job seekers looking for better pay
  • The fall in real-terms of US worker wages that makes your compensation plan so important
  • How to use compensation to attract top talent

Ready to hire great talent without losing your shirt? Keep scrolling to view the graphic, or download it here:

A PeopleFluent infographic about compensation

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