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How to Evolve Your Incentive Strategies With the Changing Workforce

It’s easy to assume that monetary incentives are still enough to keep employees motivated to go above and beyond at work, but those days are dwindling. Millennial and Gen Z employees are steadily taking over the workforce, and they expect far more from their employers than an end-of-year bonus. These employees value flexibility and personalization in their performance rewards. Companies need to evolve their incentive strategies if they want to keep their employees motivated and see enhanced business results.

This ebook delves into the history of employee incentive programs before exploring what today’s workforce is looking for from employers. It then provides practical advice for enhancing your incentive programs to keep your employees engaged, productive, and performing at their best.

Download your copy and discover how adapting your strategies to reflect changing employee attitudes can significantly benefit your workforce and organization. You’ll learn:

  • The problem with traditional incentive structures
  • What incentives employees really want
  • Five key principles of a modern incentive strategy
  • How to implement a new incentive program
  • Six potential challenges to watch out for while planning your incentive strategy

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