Category: Compensation

Prioritizing Pay Equity for Competitive Advantage

Making the Business Case for Fair Pay

Evidence suggests that companies that commit to achieving pay equity have much to gain—and not just the avoidance of negative press, regulatory penalties, and legal action. The fact is that when employees feel they’re being rewarded fairly, they are more engaged and motivated—which, in turn, boosts retention and productivity.

A transparent pay equity strategy sends a powerful message that attracts the diverse talent that creates a real competitive advantage.

Watch this on-demand webinar, as we look at reasons for achieving pay equality, steps to create a pay equity strategy, and how to get executive buy-in.

More specifically, we will discuss:

  • The impact of pay fairness on employee engagement
  • How fair pay strategies can improve business outcomes
  • Designing a culture that embraces pay equity
  • Using pay analyses to reveal disparities by role, department, and location
  • Which pay variables employees value most

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