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Can Learning and Talent Mobility Solve Your Recruiting Woes?

Nearly 90% of employers are struggling to fill open positions, but 48% of the US workforce is actively on the lookout for new opportunities. What is an existential threat for some is an opportunity for those organizations that can get ahead. However, your organization won’t survive by recruitment alone. As explored in this short ebook, a strategic approach to talent mobility will help you fill gaps while avoiding the loss of valued employees.

Your best recruitment efforts can only bring great people into the business: you’ll need to find strategies to get them to stay too! Learning and internal mobility are important tools that not only achieve this, but help you to be smarter in how you find the kinds of skills you need in your organization. In this ebook, we take a closer look at how:

  • Employees want chances to learn and grow the very skills that your organization needs
  • Internal mobility can reduce your attrition rates
  • Integrated talent marketplaces provide a systems-led approach to this important issue
  • Change management is needed to tie everything together

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