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The Ultimate In-Person Onboarding Checklist

Companies thrive when they prioritize their employees, so invest in your quality talent upfront.

A successful onboarding experience can engage and support your new hires as they begin their journey with your company. Navigating a different culture, immersing themselves in a new team, while also learning their role can be difficult without the proper guidance.

Done right, your onboarding program can ultimately act as a conduit that will boost productivity and job satisfaction throughout the employees’ tenure.

Our Ultimate In-Person Onboarding Checklist was developed to help you enhance the employee experience at your organization. This helpful guide includes:

  • Tips for onboarding staff, starting before day one and all the way through 90+ days
  • Team-building ideas to help bolster employee engagement and teamwork at the office
  • When, and how often, managers should solicit or provide feedback

To learn more about how to create an exceptional onboarding experience at your company, click here for your free download.

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