Hyster-Yale Fosters Career Progression and Specialty Training in a High-Consequence Industry

Company profile

Hyster-Yale Group, Inc. is a leading, globally integrated, full-line lift truck manufacturer offering a broad array of solutions aimed at meeting the specific materials handling needs of customers’ applications.

  • Serving the materials handling industry for over 90 years
  • Strong team of long-term executives and managers with global experience
  • 21 manufacturing operations in 12 countries

Business challenges

Hyster-Yale’s independent Dealer network has 11,000 technicians who are responsible for servicing and repairing over 130 different types of lift trucks. The company needed a solution that could ensure these technicians were properly trained and certified—especially with the technicians spread across the network. When deciding on a Learning Management System, HysterYale’s Training Systems Manager, Anne Ward, was especially interested in an exam engine. Furthermore, the solution would need to be outfitted with global capabilities for oversight of business units in the North, Central, and Latin Americas.

Ward knew the technicians would require a robust learning platform to house online learning modules, which had never been utilized by the company’s L&D teams. The most important piece was finding an LMS with an embedded exam engine. A solution with this functionality would allow Hyster-Yale to ensure its technicians were properly trained and certified on a particular product.

We like the ability to craft what we call career progression, which is not common, really, in a lot of technical positions. But we have training programs available that will take someone from an entry level Maintenance technician position all the way to the Certified Elite level. If they stick with us and work with our system, we’ll get them to the top of our industry.

Enhanced career progression

Hyster-Yale is proud of its ability to provide continuing education opportunities and specialized training for individuals. Not only is this valuable for a new employee who comes to a dealer organization without advanced technical education, it also allows the company to train its people for career progression in the flow of work. Furthermore, having a learning management system that supports the rigid training program enhances the organization’s ability to attract and retain talent. By providing employees with the training and knowledge they need to excel, Hyster-Yale’s independent dealer network can also offer job security to their best performers who engage with the training programs and systems.

A robust system for tracking user records

To ensure the organization was investing in the right employees, it needed proper data to identify learning gaps and provide additional training to allow for a higher rate of certification. PeopleFluent’s LMS was the most robust system Ward had seen when it came to tracking user records. With the ability to track user records, L&D professionals at Hyster-Yale can better understand where the knowledge gaps are and be more proactive through the training it’s providing.

Straightforward and simplistic learning solutions

As Anne Ward puts it, most of her staff and the dealership employees find the PeopleFluent LMS very simple and straightforward to use. The learning management system has made it easier to translate complex sets of rules and regulations to create a clear user experience for learners.

PeopleFluent Learning Solutions

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