Morses Club PLC: Continuous Learning and Highly Effective Compliance Training for a UK-Wide Team

Company Profile

Morses Club PLC is the second largest UK Home Collected Credit (HCC) lender with 230,000 customers and 1,942 agents across 98 locations throughout the UK. The company offers a range of loan products to its customers through its extensive self-employed agent network. The majority of the company’s borrowers are repeat customers and the company enjoys consistently high customer satisfaction with scores of 95% or above.

Business Challenges

As a regulated lender that is fully authorized by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), compliance training is business-critical for Morses Club. But ensuring that a large workforce completes the right training at the right time—particularly when the majority of employees work remotely—could present a major challenge. All learners need to complete a regulatory module each month, in addition to frequent new modules supporting system updates or developments.

All of the training is completed online, and self-employed agents who achieve a score of less than 80% for any of the modules are expected to retake the module and pass it the following month. However, agents could only previously undertake training via laptop at a local branch. As well as being impractical, this gave learners a distinct lack of flexibility in their learning—a drawback that was unlikely to encourage engagement.

Supporting Employees to Learn on Demand

Supplying its teams and agents with 2,500 tablet devices, Morses Club needed to be able to distribute and track learning programs as part of a busy annual training calendar. A regulatory training cycle includes a new module that must be completed by all staff by the end of each month, flagged as a risk if less than 95% of learners score less than 80%.

The organization has used the PeopleFluent LMS, (formerly NetDimensions LMS), for over ten years. During that time, training completion rates have risen from around 95% to around 99%, and compliance learning has become part of the company culture. Its L&D team can precisely monitor and report on learner activity, and they have achieved a monthly completion rate of at least 98%.

“The biggest thing for us was the introduction of the mobile app, PeopleFluent E-Learning+

Transforming Compliance Training for Business Success

Just as the company seeks the highest standards of learning and continuous improvement, PeopleFluent sets the bar high and works constantly to enhance the learning experience. Together, PeopleFluent and Morses Club have transformed compliance training into an essential driver of business success.

PeopleFluent Learning is helpful and proactive, ensuring that upgrades are made available to help us embed learning with our teams more flexibly." —Steve Wright, Head of Learning and Development at Morses Club

1 PeopleFluent E-Learning+ was formerly NetDimensions Mobile.

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