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Our Creator-Centric Future

How to Build Effective Learning Programs in a World Where Everyone Is a Creator

A truly creator-centric approach isn’t about patching knowledge leaks as and when they present themselves. It needs to be a cultural decision in your organization.

Organizations have slowly become more comfortable with the idea of unfiltered and less corporately constructed advertising messages. Meanwhile, the trend in all aspects of our daily lives is towards more control of what we consume, and more chances to create. Furthermore, the high expectations of a new creator-centric generation and the pressing need to meaningfully pass on the knowledge of those reaching retirement will require new technologies and approaches.

This ebook reflects on a working world forced to change suddenly in a way that many learning professionals have been anticipating for some time. Our analysis of the creator-centric future aims to help you capitalize on your organization’s growing comfort with employee video so that you can continue to cultivate great training and employment outcomes in the years to come.

Tackle the seismic forces facing L&D and start making your learning programs creator-centric today. Fill in the short form below to download your copy.

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