From the Front Lines: VCU Health Center Tackles Learning Automation While Fighting a Pandemic

The Challenge: Creating a Digital Program for COVID-19 Training in Just Seven Days

Creating and developing a learning program is a challenge for any modern organization. For VCU Health Center, however, it was critical to rapidly deploy and track COVID-19 training—specifically for workers who were unable to attend in-person training.

With most educational programs being recorded via paper and pencil, and frontline workers unavailable to author learning content, L&D leaders had to pivot on a dime to convert their manual learning programs into a digital, accessible program.

The Solution: Record-Breaking Compliance Reporting From a Flexible LMS

VCU Health Center partnered with PeopleFluent Learning in 2011 and, pre-COVID, used the LMS to add new learning modules at the rate of 1,000 per year. Nonetheless, the organization’s learning programs were manual and relied heavily on in-person training.

Since the beginning of 2020, Adrian Lamb, Learning System Administrator at VCU Health Center, has leveraged the PeopleFluent LMS to create and send 150 scheduled reports. “Some of these reports go directly to the state’s governor and Department of Health,” Lamb says. “I think we broke records.” All of these reports and statistics are critical for tracking the pandemic at the national level.

"I think we broke records.”

To help area healthcare organizations keep pace and remain compliant, VCU Health Center created a small task force. The task force used PeopleFluent LMS to create and deploy COVID-19 education across the additional 80 units it had partnered with.

The Results: Rapid and Successful Training for Frontline Workers Facing a Global Health Crisis

After converting the manual training programs to facilitate online learning, VCU Health Center has seen a higher consumption of learning content from its workers. The organization is now providing essential training with pre-recorded, online modules through the LMS. Additionally, live sessions are available via video conferencing tools and the healthcare center uses PeopleFluent LMS to automatically send email invites to users.

From compliance to orientation training, VCU Health Center is currently providing essential education for 24,000 employees—including nurses, clinicians, and C-level employees. The entire process has been simplified and digitized thanks to a flexible platform with the necessary functionality to deploy learning initiatives on such a large scale.

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