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Mastering Talent: Leveraging Technology to Transform Your Performance Strategy and Drive Employee Engagement

Optimizing talent requires a thorough level of understanding of employees’ current skills and competencies, growth potential, and performance motivators that manual review processes simply can’t deliver. Skills shortages, economic uncertainties, and strained relationships between talent and organizations are also pressuring HR leaders to reevaluate their performance strategies to better align with company goals. To complicate things further, evolving artificial intelligence (AI) tools, remote and hybrid work environments, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives continue to impact talent management practices.

This ebook takes a deep dive into how organizations can lean into talent management technology. It then explores how to leverage the features and capabilities of these tools to enhance performance strategies and meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.

Download your copy and discover how strategic planning with talent software enhances performance appraisals for employees, managers, and the entire organization. Plus, learn how leveraging performance technology helps companies:

  • Inform succession planning and talent mobility initiatives
  • Identify common skills and competency gaps or deficiencies
  • Implement coaching strategies to help employees reach their goals
  • Support broader initiatives concerning skills deployment, DEI policies, and other organizational priorities

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