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PeopleFluent for Financial Services

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Power Your Talent Strategy

Leaders in financial services thrive when their customers are satisfied. That means delivering on promises, anticipating needs, and growing the business. At the same time, intense regulatory scrutiny and the complexity of global operations demand careful management of risk.

Conquering these challenges is the key to growth. To do that, you need a skilled and motivated workforce, and HR systems that scale while ensuring compliance. The spotlight is on human resources to rethink talent acquisition and talent management and become the engine for business success.

PeopleFluent can help.


Boost Customer Satisfaction and Elevate Your Reputation

Our workflows, compliance, and planning and modeling tools can be configured to the HR needs of your diverse operating units—including banking, financial management, risk, and insurance. With our enterprise HR solutions, financial services firms can

  • Attract and hire skilled employees, fast and efficiently
  • Effectively onboard new employees while maintaining compliance
  • Create a culture that drives ethical behavior and productivity
  • Develop and implement global pay equity strategies
  • Deliver ROI across compensation programs and initiatives
  • Improve performance through continuous learning
  • Identify employees with potential and grow leaders from within.

With PeopleFluent you can recruit, develop, and manage the workforce you need, and build a culture of ethics and inclusion that will drive customer satisfaction and boost your global reputation.


Total Workforce, Total Compliance

PeopleFluent delivers robust tracking and reporting to document compliance across talent management functions, while reducing the administrative burden on HR and managers. Our solutions enable financial services companies to institute and enforce

  • Fair and inclusive recruiting and hiring
  • Equitable compensation
  • Certification training and documentation
  • Affirmative action and EEOC requirements.

Vendor management extends compliance to contingent and seasonal labor, enabling you to adjust staffing as needed—with full confidence.

Integrate your HR ecosystem into a single, intuitive experience with our Talent Productivity Platform.

Bring HR Strategy to Life and Drive Business Success

Each of our solutions comes with our Talent Productivity Platform, which integrates both PeopleFluent tools and complementary solutions into an intuitive experience for HR, managers, and employees.

Transactions are coupled with content, video, analytics, and collaboration tools—all in the flow of work. This saves time and delivers the guidance managers need to improve hiring, performance, compensation, and other talent decisions.

The result? HR teams, managers, and employees can implement your talent strategy faster and better— meaning less time on administrative tasks and more time on customer service, market and product development, and strategic planning.

"The number of regulators we have and the requirements are fairly complex. Making sure we have a tool that can streamline is paramount to everything that we do."
— Margot Cresswell, Program Delivery Manager, Bank of Montreal

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