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PeopleFluent for Healthcare

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Patient Outcomes
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PeopleFluent for Nurses

Employee satisfaction directly impacts patient satisfaction. To continually improve HCAHPS scores, a strategic focus on employee engagement and satisfaction is critical. PeopleFluent helps healthcare organizations increase employee satisfaction in response to the Affordable Care Act, increased demands for quality, and reduced time per patient.


PeopleFluent for Healthcare Leaders

Develop leaders to manage the changing workforce, improve employee retention, and drive better patient outcomes. PeopleFluent helps our customers develop strong healthcare leaders to meet the challenges of changing institutions, including new auditing requirements from the Joint Commission, CMS and ANCC, or Value-Based Purchasing.


PeopleFluent for Healthcare HR

Develop and retain your healthcare staff, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and better patient outcomes.


Customer Success Video

Medical College of Wisconsin: A Client Perspective
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Acquire the Best Talent to Deliver Value-Based Care

Identifying, attracting, and recruiting the best healthcare talent ensures a focus on patient care, continuous quality improvement, and cost containment. PeopleFluent brings humanization to healthcare talent acquisition through engaging recruiting and onboarding experiences. Become the employer of choice.

Acquire the Best Talent

Increase Employee Satisfaction to Improve HCAHPS Scores

Employee satisfaction directly impacts patient satisfaction. Improve HCAHPS scores with a strategic focus on employee engagement and satisfaction. PeopleFluent increases employee satisfaction with effective performance management, learning programs, platforms for networking and collaboration, and strategic compensation plans.

Increase your employee satisfaction

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Develop Leaders Who Will Deliver a Continuum of High Quality Care

PeopleFluent’s talent management solutions are designed to develop successful leaders to directly address changes in healthcare, whether meeting the requirements from the Joint Commission, CMS, and ANCC, or Value-based Purchasing (VBP).

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Support Evolving Talent Strategies with Configurability and Scalability

Healthcare organizations are evolving with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Instill consistent talent practices, policies, and procedures that evolve your talent strategy. As healthcare organizations grow through mergers, integration of practices, or other ways to meet the growing demands of ACA, talent systems and strategies must be in place to support the growing and evolving workforce.

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Prepare Physicians, Nurses and Staff to Meet the Demands of Healthcare Consumerism

Promote healthcare consumerism through talent development that ties together performance management, learning, and ultimately pay for performance based on patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Optimize the Redistribution of the Workforce

Optimize the redistribution of your workforce with the healthcare services you need to deliver. Gain visibility into your contingent and permanent workforce through a VMS and Recruiting solution from a single vendor.


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