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Win on Candidate Experience

When sales and brand hinge on an exceptional customer experience, your field locations must have fast access to great talent.

Associates, cashiers, and desk agents are hard to find and even harder to retain. Positions constantly re-open, meaning recruiters hire thousands of people each year for a few roles. At the same time, corporate operations must compete with other industries for in-demand technical skills.

To fill the candidate pipeline and hire the right talent, recruiters need a solution that doesn’t rely on evergreen requisitions and workarounds that slow hiring and interfere with recruiting metrics and compliance. A solution that delivers a stellar candidate experience, tells your brand story, and fulfills your talent needs.

PeopleFluent can help.


Designed for High-Volume Recruiting and Specialized Talent

Recognized as a top performer for high-volume talent acquisition software in the cloud, our recruiting and onboarding software can manage a constant pipeline of quality candidates. With a single requisition, you can find and hire staff across multiple locations. And you can effectively recruit for ecommerce, IT security, and other specialized technical skills.

With PeopleFluent you can

  • Brand the candidate experience and sell your employer value proposition
  • Localize recruiting with multilingual and geo-specific candidate experiences
  • Share candidates across locations within a geographic radius
  • Integrate video to engage candidates in your brand, opportunities, and hiring process
  • Scale to support seasonal hiring.

Convey Corporate Messaging to the Field and Guide Hiring Managers

Powered by our Talent Productivity Platform, PeopleFluent Recruiting goes beyond other applicant tracking systems, making it easy for corporate HR to communicate with field managers and employees.

With our embedded video and collaboration tools, you can

  • Share HR messaging and training—on interviewing techniques, onboarding, and even discounts and promotions—with hiring managers
  • Let managers quickly disposition candidates from the sales floor using mobile devices
  • Assess candidates’ communication and customer experience skills using video interviews
  • Promote career opportunities for highly motivated talent.

The result?

Local managers and franchise owners can fill positions faster with high-quality candidates. Corporate operations can win skilled talent. And managers and employees can devote more time to customers—meaning greater sales productivity, a stronger brand, and top-line growth.

Integrate your HR ecosystem into a single, intuitive experience with our Talent Productivity Platform.

"Our experience with PeopleFluent has been great. We were able to develop some really strong business objectives around our numbers, our productivity, and how our team functions on a day-to-day basis."
— Sarah Moore, Director of Talent Acquisition, GoodLife Fitness

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