Learning Management for Organizations With Sophisticated Requirements

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your employees’ development, so why should your learning management system?

If you’re an enterprise operating in a highly regulated industry, you need a sophisticated and configurable LMS that can empower employee development while also maintaining strict compliance records—all within the flow of work.

PeopleFluent Learning empowers your employees to upskill via continuous learning, apply those skills in their roles, and make improvements over time. Behind the scenes, our best-in-class reporting and tracking allows administrators to track course completion, certifications, and exam grading.

Learning Management

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Designed for Complex Industries and Organizations

PeopleFluent Learning offers everything you need to manage a robust learning and development function.

Our platform enables you to comply with internal and external regulations and requirements in high-compliance industries by providing advanced reporting, audit logs, and certification of all critical skills and learner activity.

Comprehensive Compensation Management Software Providing:

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Create, manage, and deliver courses and eLearning material while storing key information on each learner’s journey and performance.

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Customize your system interface and settings, notification rules and triggers, and in-depth permissioning and user roles.

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Administer and evaluate training with our powerful exam engine: configure who has access, how exams are graded, and who can review exams and when.

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Extend your enterprise: our system can easily be used to administer learning for internal users, external stakeholders, and/or a combination of both without missing a step.

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Close Gaps

Allow learners to see gaps in their skills and competencies, and highlight related training that will help them make improvements over time.

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Comply & Analyze

Ensure all your L&D efforts meet all regulatory standards while also allowing your admins to visualize and report on key metrics across your development activities.

Want to see PeopleFluent Learning in action? We’d love to show you.

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