PeopleFluent Recruiting New Year Updates Streamline Applicant Experience and Enhance Reporting

“Apply with LinkedIn” functionality is now fully integrated with PeopleFluent’s recruitment software solution, alongside insightful custom data reports.

RALEIGH, NC—JANUARY 11, 2023—PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition, talent management, and learning solutions, proudly announces the latest updates to its recruitment software, PeopleFluent Recruiting. These enhancements make the hiring process more efficient for talent acquisition teams while offering applicants a user-friendly experience.

Screenshot depicting the "Apply with LinkedIn" feature, now integrated with PeopleFluent Recruiting.
The newly-added “Apply with LinkedIn” button pre-fills application fields with candidates’ LinkedIn profile information, saving time while streamlining the hiring process.

PeopleFluent Recruiting now fully integrates with LinkedIn’s applicant tracking system to streamline hiring and improve the applicant experience. The “Apply with LinkedIn” feature saves a candidate’s time by importing their resume and skills information into your job applications. Candidates can also respond to custom screening questions from potential employers without leaving the social site.

Organizations using PeopleFluent Recruiting can include the “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their own websites and job boards, meaning candidates don’t waste time jumping between different platforms to apply for a position. This feature sends automatic notifications to candidates when resumes are downloaded or applications are viewed, so they aren’t left wondering where they stand with potential employers.

In addition to improving the candidate experience, PeopleFluent Recruiting’s enhanced reporting capabilities support hiring teams with real-time data and big-picture analytics. Intuitive reporting features allow talent acquisition teams to remain agile and self-sufficient while making data-backed hiring decisions.

The enhanced data capabilities allow talent teams to analyze the following:

  • Job function pipeline
  • Applicant stage
  • Candidate source
  • Time to fill positions (including why candidates are disqualified and which sources are most efficient)

Hiring teams can run custom reports within PeopleFluent Recruiting and maintain complete control of who can access the data. Reports are viewable on dashboards that are customized to the organization’s needs, ensuring that data visualizations are optimized for their intended audience.

Additional reporting tools include:

  • Gamification of the recruiter leaderboard to increase engagement
  • Candidate team scores
  • Candidate volume maps—including heat maps—that can be filtered by location
  • Enterprise business intelligence

“We’re proud to bring these innovations to our recruiting platform,” said PeopleFluent Solutions Consultant, Mark Rini. “The powerful combination of applicant-friendly features and custom data reporting allows our clients to showcase their organization’s culture while making agile and strategic recruitment decisions.”

To learn more about PeopleFluent Recruiting, download the product sheet or request a demo today.

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