Recruit better. Recruit faster. Recruit smarter.

You need people, and you need them fast. Not just people to fill seats. People to think. To create. To drive your organization forward.

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Our recruitment software gives you the support you need to work in today’s changing landscape. To hire at scale, across your entire organization. To protect your employer brand and to engage candidates as individuals.

The people you need, when you need them

When the job is monumental, where do you start? Our recruitment software helps you tackle hiring at a massive scale. Filling candidate pools from multiple sources, it gives you access to the right people, as soon as you need them.

Plan globally, hire locally

Hiring on a global scale is challenging. Different languages. Different processes. Different rules. PeopleFluent offers the flexibility to localize your hiring processes. So you can find the best people for all your locations. Wherever they may be.

Video enhances the process

When you can’t meet face to face, video is the best option. Share your organization's mission and culture with embedded video job descriptions. Interview candidates with on-demand video interviewing.

More Capabilities

Give the human touch

People want to be treated like, well, people. They don’t want to be thrown into a system, processed, and spat out. Our recruitment software makes it easy for you to give candidates a positive experience, whether you hire them or not. So you project the right brand, and you attract the right people.

Keep the wheels greased

When hiring needs never stop, requisitions, processes, and red tape slow things down. PeopleFluent’s continuous sourcing takes the friction out of this process. So you can be proactive and have people in their new roles in record time.


Hit the ground sprinting

For every new employee, and their managers, a mountain awaits. Processes and paperwork. Performance and training. People and culture. PeopleFluent’s comprehensive onboarding product makes that transition seamless and simple. For everyone. So the employee’s new chapter starts on a positive note.

PeopleFluent has a strong track record of supporting HR operations in large organizations with complex workforce needs—especially in industries prone to digital disruption.

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Large enterprise: Sharpen your competitive edge

When you need to get people in place, PeopleFluent Recruitment software helps you get it done. Fast. Manage your hiring process across your entire enterprise, from vetting candidates to managing interviews to onboarding new hires. So they can start adding value, quickly.

Mid-enterprise: Delightfully easy to use. Amazingly feature-rich.

Mid-enterprise organizations deal with the same complexities as large organizations, with a fraction of the staff. Our mid-enterprise recruitment software delivers an end-to-end solution. Pre-configured to meet industry best practices. Deployed to keep things moving fast.

Breezy HR: Modernize your recruitment process

For small but fast-growing organizations, Breezy HR helps you take your next big step. The end-to-end recruitment software helps you attract and hire great employees that will take your business to new levels. All with less effort.

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