Greater User Flexibility a Key Factor in NetDimensions LMS 13.1

Hong Kong- July 27, 2017 - Greater functionality for users and learners, and more Artificial Intelligence technology are key features of the newly-released NetDimensions LMS version 13.1.

The latest version of the NetDimensions LMS—version 13.1—is here and includes a number of exciting new features, including improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality and revamped forums.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the L&D industry presents managers and learners with unique training opportunities. “Artificial Intelligence uses technology to analyze a situation or environment and to make increasingly intelligent choices based on that information,” says Adrian Weaver, Director of Global Product Management at NetDimensions LMS.

Artificial Intelligence in eLearning has been hotly tipped to revolutionize the industry and NetDimensions LMS 13.1 follows on from its first introduction in version 12 in July 2016. Dynamic Load Analysis saw the Artificial Intelligence engine monitoring run-time loads to provide a rating for online and overall activity, so that NetDimensions LMS performance parameters could be adjusted in real-time. In release 13.1, this same engine is used to deliver user-oriented recommendations with a new feature called AI Assistant Recommendations.

AI Assistant Recommendations analyses a user's current training history and then suggests other courses that may be of interest based on their training.

Here are just some of the other new and enhanced features in NetDimensions LMS 13.1:

  • In addition to the new AI feature, the forum functionality has been completely reworked to provide a new user interface and user experience, and specifically to include better capabilities around uploading and moderating user-generated content.
  • Drag-and-drop support allows administrators to make rapid adjustments to classroom planning using drag and drop, and resizing event chips.

“We’re extremely excited about the new features in NetDimensions LMS version 13.1. With more Artificial Intelligence capabilities than ever before and a forum that’s been streamlined with the end-user in mind, NetDimensions LMS 13.1 puts the power of choice and user-friendliness firmly in the user’s hands,” said Bill Mastin, Senior Vice President of Sales.

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