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NetDimensions LMS provides secure, flexible, and practical enterprise LMS solutions to personalize learning, share knowledge, foster collaboration, and manage compliance for employees, clients, partners, and suppliers.

Why NetDimensions LMS

  • ICON_quick-to-implement
    Quick To Implement – Lower Overall Costs

    NetDimensions LMS can be deployed faster and with fewer implementation services than almost any other learning system in the market. The difference: Deployment in weeks versus months.

  • ICON_security
    Security – Best in Class

    NetDimensions LMS’s security is based on a transaction server model, where all Internet requests are treated as individually controllable and auditable transactions that must pass through a security module before being processed by back-end business components.

  • ICON_secure-SaaS
    Secure SaaS – Suited to Your Deployment Needs

    Clients have the option to deploy NetDimensions LMS on premise behind their firewall or choose a Secure SaaS model through our world-class ISO 27001-certified hosted and managed services.

  • ICON_highly-scalable
    Highly Scalable – Grow as You Grow

    NetDimensions LMS can scale to comfortably support your usage demands—delivering learning to global workforces with a half million total users. That means your business can expand without compromising on LMS functionality, performance, or infrastructure security.

  • ICON_ease-of-use
    Ease-of-Use – Only Adjustable Interface

    Every LMS vendor claims this but often fails in delivery. The NetDimensions LMS user interface is dynamically adjustable, as the screen is built at the outset, based on the customer’s organizational structure, preference settings, skin properties, language choice, and system configuration.

  • ICON_truly-global
    Truly Global – Multiple Language Handling

    NetDimensions LMS was designed from the ground up to be language neutral, hence it is able to support many languages simultaneously, selectable by the user at any time, on the same instance. Currently, over 40 languages are available, including right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, as well as non-Roman languages such as Greek, Thai, Chinese and Japanese.

  • ICON_network
    Market-Leading Functionality – Mobile, Social & Compliance

    NetDimensions LMS comes with inherent capabilities for mobile learning (including tablet-specific apps), social collaboration (including an integration with best-in-class Confluence Wiki), compliance (including support for 21 CFR Part 11), and extended enterprise management.

  • ICON_open
    Open – The NetDimensions SDK

    The NetDimensions SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of development tools and interfaces that enables organizations to easily and securely integrate learning management functionality into websites, portals, external applications, and mobile devices.

  • ICON_integrated-and-practical
    Integrated & Practical – Part of PeopleFluent

    NetDimensions LMS is part of PeopleFluent’s award-winning product suite, which includes market-leading talent management and talent acquisition products. This provides clients with a fully integrated approach for an innovative model of ongoing learning, talent, and performance management.