PeopleFluent Learning 23.07 Integrates With Bridge, Elevates Security, and Includes Several Technical Product Enhancements

RALEIGH, NC—JULY 13, 2023—PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based learning, talent acquisition, and talent management solutions, proudly announces the latest updates to its learning management system, PeopleFluent Learning. This newest update, version 23.07, further increases LMS security and includes several technical enhancements for administrators.

With this latest release, PeopleFluent Learning now integrates with its sister company, Bridge. Administrators using Bridge’s LMS can now build exams in PeopleFluent Learning and export them to Bridge. The integration allows Bridge’s clients access to more robust exam features, such as assessment and question banks. Bridge administrators can access PeopleFluent Learning through a single sign-on feature in the Bridge LMS.

The newest version of PeopleFluent Learning also increases security with muti-factor authentication. Users will enter their usernames and passwords and will then receive a one-time passcode to continue the login process. Administrators can choose how long the codes remain valid after they’re sent (up to 60 minutes). LMS administrators can also set limits on how many times a user can incorrectly enter a code before being prompted to restart the login process. This security enhancement helps ensure client data remains protected. PeopleFluent Learning customers also have the option to disable multi-factor authentication across their organizations or at the individual user level.

This release also features PGP encryption, another security enhancement that further protects client data, and significantly increases data privacy and security. PGP, or “Pretty Good Privacy,” is a program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. Clients have the option to encrypt both inbound and outbound reports with support from PeopleFluent.

Version 23.07 also introduces several technical enhancements. Five new data loaders are now available to make importing and moving client information even easier. With these data loaders, clients can now manage their question pools in bulk rather than one at a time. Administrators with certain privileges within the LMS also have access to a new permissions data loader. This enhancement saves clients time by allowing them to assign common user permissions in bulk. Additionally, there are three new data loaders for exams that make it easier to manage assessment questions and metadata.

PeopleFluent Learning also makes it easier for clients to administer and evaluate exams. Clients now have the ability to synchronize the number of exam attempts with their learning modules. For example, if an administrator limits users to three attempts on an exam, that three-attempt limit will automatically transfer to the learning module associated with that assessment. In other words, the learner will only have three chances to successfully complete both the exam and its associated learning module. Similarly, when evaluators change a failed exam to a passing score, the related learning module will automatically change to a “completed” status.

These product enhancements align with PeopleFluent’s commitment to continually invest in upgrades and maintenance to give its users the best-possible learning experiences. “PeopleFluent’s overarching goal is to help organizations solve the workforce challenges of today, and these product updates are designed to do just that,” said PeopleFluent Lead Product Manager, Jim Johnson.

“We’re proud to integrate with Bridge and bring these additional enhancements to our LMS. Partnering with our sister company, Bridge, helps us deliver a stellar client experience to more users, and PeopleFluent Learning’s upgraded technical and security features will continue to give our customers in highly regulated industries the peace of mind that their data is protected.”

To learn more about PeopleFluent Learning, download the product sheet or request a demo today.

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