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Make employee development and compliance easier with the highest-rated compliance-based LMS on the market.

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Your entire enterprise learning program and compliance training platform, all in one place. Plan and build. Execute and track. Analyze and report.

A Top 20 Learning Management System

PeopleFluent LMS has been named as a Top 20 Learning Management System (LMS) by Training Industry for 12 consecutive years! We are honored and excited about serving employees and employers in highly regulated industries with the opportunity to start, expand, and align learning with innovation and creativity in the workplace.

Training Industry - Top 20 Learning Management System

Configure your LMS to meet your specific learning goals

Your learning needs are unique to your organization. You need a highly configurable LMS that fits the myriad ways that organizations can deliver training.

Measure learning program effectiveness

PeopleFluent Learning includes a powerful exam engine that allows you to evaluate training on multiple levels. Configure the exams to set who has access, how they are graded, and who can review the exam and when.

Tie employee training to long-term outcomes

Deliver skills-based and competency-based training. PeopleFluent Learning allows learners to see gaps in their skills and competencies and then highlights related training to close such gaps. And, you can build assessments to allow learners to prove their knowledge.

Support complex learning requirements in highly regulated industries

For high-consequence industries, PeopleFluent’s configurable learning management system provides the depth and breadth of functionality to support the varied needs of your organization.

Manage and automate course communications

Most learning platforms include various communications around course activity, including enrollments and completions. PeopleFluent Learning goes further, providing significantly more triggers and more email options for personalization and localization.

Track and evaluate required training

Gain confidence through knowledge. Track and verify training completion and generate compliance reports with ease.

Learning Paths

Unlock learners’ full potential

Every employee is different. With personalized coaching and development, give each an individual experience and learning path tailored to them. Scaled across your enterprise.

Unlock learners potential

Extend your brand to partners

Offer training, certification and compliance to vendors, channel partners, and franchisees and so your brand is represented outside your organization as well as inside.

publish content to multiple partners

PeopleFluent Learning allows us to focus on education and transform learning and development within the HSE.

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