PeopleFluent OrgPublisher 22.02 Helps Organizations Prepare for Uncertainty With Automated What-If Scenario Planning

RALEIGH, NC—April 27, 2022—PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition, talent management, and learning solutions for large and mid-sized organizations, has announced the latest update to its organizational charting solution, OrgPublisher. This latest release, version 22.02, provides OrgPublisher users with advanced what-if scenario planning tools designed to assist with succession and acquisition planning, find workforce redundancies, and much more.

OrgPublisher’s what-if planning functionality makes it easier than ever for HR and management teams to find and fill workforce gaps. The feature also assists with succession planning, allowing business leaders to make data-driven decisions around workforce planning. In these unprecedented times of talent mobility and employee turnover, OrgPublisher’s latest release assists organizations in preparing for movements in their labor force.

These enhancements align with PeopleFluent’s commitment to continually invest in product upgrades and maintenance. The overarching goal at PeopleFluent is to help organizations solve the pressing workforce challenges of today, like recruiting top talent and retaining high-performing workers.

Said Brian Day, Director of Global Alliances at PeopleFluent: “OrgPublisher is a high-value tool to have in your organization’s arsenal. The added what-if scenario planning lets you look at a succession plan through org charting and understand where the gaps are in the organization. This allows you to come back to business leaders with potential scenarios to fix workforce gaps. It’s critical to be able to play through these scenarios and find solutions.”

Added Barbara Johnson, Account Executive at PeopleFluent, “OrgPublisher is designed to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Along with what-if scenario planning, it provides workforce visualization, data insights, and reporting capabilities you need to evaluate your workforce structure. With OrgPublisher, you can also look into employee performance, budget, and other critical talent management issues.”

The latest release of OrgPublisher includes the following additional capabilities:

  • Hold employee data and envision multiple placement scenarios with a digital scratchpad.
  • Archive previous organizational charts, including any employee data or projections
  • Pull employee data from various sources into the OrgPublisher software
  • View data for all employees at once, including contract workers
  • Create and search ad-hoc reports generated by the software for specific content or data
A screenshot of PeopleFluent's org charting software, OrgPublisher

To learn more about OrgPublisher, download the product sheet or start a free trial today.

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