PeopleFluent Recognized as Top Rated Talent Management Software by Software Users on TrustRadius

RALEIGH, N.C., Nov 3, 2015—We are pleased to announce that PeopleFluent has been named a Top Rated Talent Management Software provider in the Enterprise Segment based on 300+ in-depth reviews and ratings of talent management products on TrustRadius, the leading research platform for business software. In fact, PeopleFluent is referenced as a “best fit” for enterprises that need a sophisticated talent management solution with consumer-grade usability, and features for collaborating on a single source of truth.

The report is based on 22 current, in-depth user reviews of PeopleFluent Mirror Suite for Talent Management on TrustRadius. This report includes analysis of the types of customers (company size, industries) that use PeopleFluent, a discussion of its key use cases, what companies and users like most about the product, and areas for improvement, as well as comparisons that show how PeopleFluent stacks up against other leading talent management products.

According to the TrustRadius report, PeopleFluent focuses first and foremost on talent management and is a best-of-breed solution rather than an add-on to core HR software. Modules are highly integrated, to both each other and to third-party HR software.

“First-hand insights from users are extremely valuable for companies who want to select the right talent management solution, particularly since usability is such an important factor to consider,” said Megan Headley, Research Director at TrustRadius. “PeopleFluent receives above average ‘Likelihood to Recommend’ scores in general, and is a Top Rated solution among enterprises.”

Specific software strengths that were consistently called out in user reviews compiled in the TrustRadius report include:

Intuitive UI

Users noted how navigating the platform and organizing materials, such as requisitions, resumes and approvals, was particularly easy.

Easy to Learn

Users noted how the intuitive UI makes PeopleFluent’s software easy to learn, requiring only minimal training, and considered this a differentiator from competitors in the talent management space.


Users noted that they appreciated how organized and transparent information was with PeopleFluent’s centralized feedback and collaboration capabilities. They also appreciated how reports were easily sharable, helping to ensure that HR team members who are contributing to the recruiting, hiring and performance evaluation processes are aligned.

Customer Support

Users noted how PeopleFluent’s support team is always available, responsive and dedicated to helping resolve issues. Community help and customer portal resources were also praised.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Users noted how this feature helped streamline the candidate submission process in recruiting, dramatically decreasing the time and effort required for screening and approvals.

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