PeopleFluent Talent Management 23.11 Upgrades Technical Features and Includes Enhancements for Compensation, Performance, and Succession Products

RALEIGH, NC—NOVEMBER 14, 2023—PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based talent management and learning solutions, today announced the latest updates to its talent management suite of products, including PeopleFluent Compensation, PeopleFluent Performance, and PeopleFluent Succession. This newest update, version 23.11, includes several technical enhancements applicable to the entire talent management suite, as well as product-specific upgrades for clients using the compensation, performance, and succession products.

Administrators now have the ability to manage and schedule offline reports on a recurring basis that best meet their organization’s needs. Additionally, administrators can use data processing scripts to add and delete roles in their organization. The processing scripts give clients more flexibility in managing role assignments across all three talent management applications.

The update introduces the new “copy competency” button, which allows users with appropriate permissions to use a competency that already exists in their system as a template for creating new, similar proficiencies. Version 23.11 also improves the user experience regarding display value categories by letting administrators drag and drop to reorder values instead of clicking arrows.

In addition to technical enhancements, several aspects of the talent management applications feature a refreshed user interface with a modernized look and feel. Along with updated fonts, icons, worksheets, and more, these enhancements allow administrators to further customize their platforms’ branding and themes, ensuring the applications are more personalized to clients’ preferences.

Product-Specific Enhancements

The 23.11 update also includes product-specific enhancements. PeopleFluent Compensation now includes a new column in its worksheets. When using the icon in the new column, administrators can email compensation statements to the appropriate parties directly from the worksheet. This new feature improves efficiency for administrators and streamlines the delivery of compensation statements. Version 23.11 also enhances the compensation notification template to allow most salary bonus, stock, and total compensation focal cycle notifications to be copied and modified. This makes it easier to support different text or formatting for concurrent award cycles.

PeopleFluent Performance now allows performance plan administrators to hide the plan year on end-user forms, giving administrators more flexibility in how they manage performance planning. Both PeopleFluent Performance and PeopleFluent Succession have received updates to the Strategic Talent Pool SmartGrid, PeopleFluent’s version of the 9-box grid. Now administrators can add custom field columns to their Strategic Talent Pools SmartGrid, and they can also add custom field columns for the following business entities:

  • Person
  • Employee
  • Position
  • Organization
  • Geographic Organization
  • Job

“The entire PeopleFluent team is dedicated to solving our clients’ challenges and continuously improving our products based on our customers’ needs. These latest upgrades are yet another example of PeopleFluent’s commitment to giving its users the best possible talent management experiences,” said PeopleFluent Director of Product Adoption and Consulting, Kim Cyphers.

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