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Compliance Analysis

Real-Time Analysis of Training Records to Achieve Compliance


High-performing organizations know that without more context around the training they provide, employees might struggle to see the value of learning. If they can’t relate the training to their everyday work, learner engagement levels are likely to drop. But as organizations embrace the digital revolution and transform the way they work to keep up with the pace of technology, the ability to learn new skills becomes mission critical.

Additionally, in highly-regulated industries, non-compliance with regulations can have serious consequences. This includes fines, loss of operating license, reputational damage, legal risk, and even loss of life or injury.

But how do you track compliance courses to make sure you’re meeting compliance targets?


Compliance Analysis Overview for Easy Reporting

Compliance Analysis performs a real-time analysis of training records to identify the degree to which selected learner groups or individuals are compliant, based on the specified courses they’re required to complete. In NetDimensions LMS, this is expressed as overall compliance and overall training progress percentages.

You can customize the compliance analysis settings in five steps:

  • Target participants
  • Target learning
  • Target transcripts
  • Criteria for compliance
  • Results filtering

Benefits of Compliance Analysis

  • At-a-glance overview to determine if compliance targets are being met
  • Quick and easy for LMS administrators to run reports
  • Drill down to location, department and even individual participant view
  • Identify individual learners who haven’t completed the courses and email them a reminder directly from the screen

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