A Unique Approach to Performance Appraisals

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Simplified Skill Management

PeopleFluent helps enterprises organize, manage, and share skills and competencies across the organization with a simple and straightforward approach to library development. As a result, these can be used in multiple ways across the enterprise – from assessing and reviewing employee performance and overall talent, to developing more effective job descriptions for recruiting purposes.

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Simplified Skill Management
Personalized Appraisals

Personalized Appraisals

PeopleFluent Performance is designed to accommodate the unique needs of large, diverse, “enterprise-grade” organizations. Our vast configurability options empower HR teams and the managers they support to create forms and processes that are most meaningful to each employee group. Visibility into goal attainment, development opportunities, competency and skill proficiency, and certification requirements are all available to demonstrate performance.


Continuous Feedback  

Designed for today’s mobile and decentralized workforce, PeopleFluent empowers managers to provide feedback anytime, anywhere.  Forms and workflow are configurable for desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

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A Complete Performance Picture

PeopleFluent empowers managers to collect performance input from multiple sources so they may gain a clearer view of employee performance and activities. Through our powerful multi-rater configuration engine, managers can define rater types, nominate raters, and anonymize results, as well as consolidate and weigh feedback, all through a process that is simple, straightforward, and personalized to the unique needs of the organization.

Meaningful Pay for Performance

PeopleFluent offers seamless integration between our Performance Management and Compensation Management solutions, allowing organizations to align performance to potential reward. This functionality helps ensure top performers are being recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments and contributions. 


Pay for Performance
Data Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

From employee assessments to continuous feedback, HR teams and managers alike can use real-time data to make better informed business decisions. PeopleFluent delivers a complete selection of analysis and reporting tools that provide visibility into goal attainment, skills inventories, and performance against goals across the entire organization. These reports and dashboards can also be shared with the organization, facilitating transparency and accountability.


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