Career sites that express your culture, value proposition, and brand promise

Encourage inbound applicants and further your employer brand with career, college, and employee referral portals that are easy and foolproof to build. Already have portals you love? Our recruiting solution offers simple ways to integrate.

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Your online presence tells more about your company than you might realize. Create clean, modern career pages that uniquely express your brand and culture.

Self-administered career sites make it easy and fast

Tell your story with career sites that are tailored to reflect your unique culture and branding with self-administration and update options for logos, colors, and videos. PeopleFluent Recruiting software allows you to build career sites that create a positive candidate experience.

Self-administered candidate portals

  • Convey your culture and add personality with images and video.
  • Provide candidates with a glimpse into your company culture with employee testimonials, video and photo galleries, and team sections.
  • One-click apply from job boards.
  • Embeddable widget or API for full customization.
Candidates and recruiters who can self-administer career sites

Source analytics

Easily track and manage lead sources and recruiting metrics.

  • Quickly track the views, visits, applications, and quality hires from each source.
  • Source data can be accessed either through reports or the analytics dashboards.

A recruiter using dashboards to track and manage lead sources and recruiting metrics.

Campus and university hiring

College candidate portals & hiring

  • Create portals that are targeted for jobs or candidate pools, each with customized branding and forms. For instance, create campus candidate portals to enable pending college grads and other university candidates to review current internship and graduate opportunities.
  • Configurable portals allow teams to capture relevant information such as institution, major, graduation date, grade point average (GPA), start date, and additional requirements unique to campus recruiting.
  • Campus portals can also be configured for college fairs and events, so candidates can RSVP and/or submit their information prior to the event for recruiters to access quickly.
A recruiter looking at college candidate portals

Internal job boards

Tailored internal-facing portals

  • Create highly tailored internal-facing portals to ensure that existing employees working toward career advancement can easily search and apply for internal roles.
  • As a separate and unique portal—with its own branding, messaging, and content—you can manage internal processes, policies, and programs to meet your specific and unique career development strategies.
  • Tailor a streamlined application process for an internal candidate audience and capture additional information to improve the employee experience.
  • Leverage job searches and creation of job agents to notify internal candidates of job openings that match their experience, qualifications, and career preferences.
Hiring teams discussing how to tailor internal-facing recruiting portals

Job marketing, advertising, and distribution

Job marketing and advertising

  • Automatically broadcast/advertise open positions to multiple candidate touchpoints including your own candidate portals, university, or other job sites.
  • Fine-tune audiences through job advertisement distribution to free job boards and premium sites, all tailored to fit a specific position.
  • Automatically distribute that description to job boards relevant to the area of the job and role.
A busy recruiter looking at job marketing, advertising and distribution options

Single-click post to free job boards

No need to keep posting manually

  • Post to the free job boards with one click, including Indeed, Glassdoor, JobRapido, and more.
  • The single-click feature also includes free job board posting to regional sites that promote positions for local candidates.
Recruiter using single-click post to free job boards

Premium and niche job boards

Premium and niche job boards

  • Increase distribution by posting to curated, premium job boards.
  • Access select, premium boards directly from PeopleFluent Recruiting software, saving your company up to 40% on premium posting costs.
Recruiter posting job reqs to premium and niche job boards

Referral management to improve quality of hire

Employee referrals

  • Build and deploy custom referral portals (up and running in minutes) with branding that matches your career portal.
  • Self-administered referrals allow you to rapidly update for ever-changing programs, incentives, and campaigns.
  • Immediately import open positions, add notes about company incentives (e.g. referral bonus programs) and goals, then simply share the link to drive engagement.
A group of staff and HR professionals discussing employee referrals

Agency and third-party recruiter portals

Agency and third-party recruiter portals

  • Provide quick and easy access for agency or external recruiters through a recruiting portal.
  • Enable agency recruiters to manage and track their candidates' progress.
  • Add candidates individually or in bulk from external recruiters.
A recruiter looking at an agency and third-party recruiter portal

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