Candidate marketing and nurture campaigns

Give your whole team a bird’s eye view of your candidate pipeline and automated nurture campaigns. Create different pipelines for different positions. Or customize the stages in each pipeline, so they fit your business just right.

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The best source of talent is often found in the pool of candidates you already have. Develop and manage candidate relationships at scale, and fill roles faster.

Candidate marketing (CRM), emails, text, and messaging

Win back your day with automated candidate marketing, email campaigns, SMS messages, scheduling, and interview management. PeopleFluent Recruiting software helps you engage and nurture candidates through the hiring cycle.

Candidate marketing (CRM), emails, and SMS

  • Send rich-text email and text messages to candidates right from their profile, the recruiter inbox, or from their favorite email client.
  • Keep your conversations up to date and available to the hiring team, so anyone can get up to speed at a moment’s notice with a view of the candidate’s profile.
  • Read-receipts let your recruiters know when candidates have read the last emails so they can plan accordingly.
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Automated bulk communications

Discover the mix of automation and customization that gives you time for real, quality conversations with candidates.

Automated and bulk communications

  • Create email and SMS templates and questionnaires that fit your brand and tone.
  • Allow your recruiters to personalize those templates and questionnaires with all the details expected to facilitate formal and informal communications during the hiring processes.
  • Send templated emails and SMS messages—individually or in bulk— through stage actions.
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Job marketing, advertising, and distribution

Job marketing and advertising

  • Automatically broadcast/advertise open positions to multiple candidate touchpoints including your own candidate portals, university, or other job sites.
  • Fine-tune audiences through job ad distribution to free job boards and premium sites, all tailored to fit a specific position.
  • Automatically distribute that description to job boards relevant to the area of the job and role.

A busy recruiter creating a job posting on multiple channels

Automated marketing and nurture campaigns

Nurture and email campaigns

  • Significantly increase response rates from passive candidates through nurture campaigns.
  • Foster candidate relationships at every stage of the recruitment funnel, and throughout every step of the candidate's journey—no manual or heavy lifting required.
A hiring manager and recruiter sending out automatic communications

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