Promote internal mobility and retain top talent

Source the best talent, already prequalified, assessed, and trained, while advancing your teams and leveraging your succession slates and pools.

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Your current workforce is your greatest source of talent. Make it easier to identify your best internal talent and turn internal mobility into a competitive advantage.

Internal mobility and career development for your teams

Internal mobility via employee search

  • Unlike standalone recruiting vendors that concentrate on external hiring, our recruiting platform provides a wealth of rich data to identify internal candidates across your organization, geographic regions, and business units.
  • Provide your recruiting teams with easy access to key data (e.g., performance evaluations, skills, competencies, career aspirations, work location, shift preferences, multilingual capabilities, etc.) and other job profile data, promoting internal mobility and employee career advancement.
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Internal job boards

Tailored internal-facing portals

  • Create highly tailored internal-facing portals to ensure that existing employees desiring career advancement can easily search and apply for internally posted roles.
  • As a separate and unique portal with its own branding, messaging, and content, you can post internal processes, policies, and programs to meet your internal hiring processes.
  • Treat your employees as special by tailoring the application process to an internal candidate audience, streamlining the application process, or capturing additional information to improve the employee experience.
  • Leverage job searches and agencies for notifications of job openings that match their experience, qualifications, and career preferences.
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Leverage your succession slates and pools, easily, from the PeopleFluent Recruiting platform

Employee advancement and career development

  • Allow recruiters to search succession slates, pools, and high-potential employees across different business units and regions that would otherwise not be aware of potential transfer opportunities and promotions.
  • Invite candidates to apply to requisitions and drive recruiting processes to select high-quality internal candidates.
A recruiter reviewing potential internal candidates for open job roles

Automate bulk communications

Discover the mix of automation and customization that gives you time for real, quality conversations with candidates.

Automated and bulk communications

  • Create email and SMS templates and questionnaires that fit your brand and tone.
  • Allow your recruiters to personalize templates and questionnaires with all the details expected to facilitate formal and informal communications during their hiring processes.
  • Through stage actions, automate templated emails and SMS messages—individually or in bulk—as recruiters move candidates through the hiring workflow stages.
A busy recruiter sending bulk communications to their candidate pool

Automate campaigns to reach internal talent

Automated internal talent communications

  • Create templates that fit specific messaging by organization or business unit, then allow your recruiters to personalize those templates to advance communications and career development.
  • Through stage actions, automate templated campaigns geared toward internal candidates, policies, and programs— individually or in bulk—as recruiters move employees through the workflow stages.
A recruiter sending out automated email campaigns in PeopleFluent Recruiting

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