Streamline interview scheduling

Less scheduling, more recruiting. Gain instant access to team availability and scheduling with existing Google or Outlook calendars so everything is always in sync. Improve time-to-hire by offering qualified candidates the opportunity to schedule at their convenience.

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Make scheduling interviews for both recruiters and candidates easy and hassle-free. PeopleFluent Recruiting improves the candidate experience by reducing the back-and-forth of the scheduling process.

Interview scheduling made easy

PeopleFluent Recruiting software removes the typical pains of managing scheduling manually.

Block and panel interview scheduling

  • Calendar integrations sync with Google (Gmail), Google Apps suite, Microsoft (Outlook) and Office 365.
  • Instant access to all your interviewers’ schedules side by side.
  • Check team availability and drag and drop interviews into available time slots.
  • Interview links and scheduling can be sent via email or text.
  • Schedule interviews for remote (video interviews) or on-site teams, individually or using block or panel interviews from your hiring team.
A busy recruiter using PeopleFluent Recruiting software to organize interview scheduling

Candidate self-scheduling

Streamline interviews with self-scheduling

  • Less emailing and more interviewing. Focus on strategic recruiting initiatives by automating your administrative tasks.
  • Improve time-to-hire metrics by offering qualified candidates the opportunity to schedule at their convenience.
  • With open casting calls or by using a panel from your hiring team, offer your candidates an individual interview either remotely or on-site.
  • Like all interview scheduling, the availability of the team members you include is synced with their existing Google or Outlook calendar, ensuring real-time accuracy and availability.
A candidate arranging self-scheduling for their job interview

Video questionnaires and live video interviews

When you can’t meet face to face, video is the best option. Interview candidates with on-demand and live video interviewing.

On-demand video questionnaires

  • Uncover new insights with on-demand video assessments, which provide candidates the opportunity to answer questions in a short video format.

Live video interviews

  • PeopleFluent Recruiting’s integrated video interviews provide a seamless interviewing experience for remote meetings, allowing easy access to the resume and additional interview guides alongside the live video.
  • No third-party software or registration is required, just the face-to-face, human-to-human interaction you’d expect from a recruiting solution.
A hiring manager and recruiter arranging video questionnaires within the PeopleFluent ATS

Interview guides and templates

Interview guides

  • Ensure every member of the hiring team knows exactly what to ask their interviewee. Our Interview Guides provide necessary structure to the hiring process while also ensuring personalization.
  • Additionally, build flexible interview guide templates for each position or department to accommodate unique situations— allowing hiring managers to add their exclusive or individual questions to the template.
Interview guides

Easy integration with email and calendars

Google and Microsoft Office 365 integration

  • Seamlessly integrate with the Google Apps suite and Outlook/Office 365 to use your preferred email and calendar.
  • Each member of your team can manage their email and calendar based on personal preference, without sacrificing functionality.

HR professionals making use of PeopleFluent's email integration with Google and Office 365

A marketplace of reference and background check vendors

Automated background checks

  • Background check automation optimizes the necessary information your enterprise relies on to run a successful, compliant background check—complete with data science, custom sources, and compliance filters.
  • Mobile-optimized workflows that are easy to order and use.
  • Fast, accurate results in 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks.

Automated reference checking

  • Automatically send out questionnaires to request references at the stage selected in the workflow process.
  • Reference verifications go directly into the candidate's profile, all through automation.
A background check on a candidate

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PeopleFluent Recruiting offers a wealth of functionality and features that benefit recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates! Let's discuss how we can help you streamline and enhance your hiring processes.

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