Onboarding software to help you start new hires off right

Onboarding is about first impressions. PeopleFluent's recruiting software helps you make a seamless transition from candidate to employee.

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Employee onboarding helps new hires get to work and start adding value faster by streamlining the transition from new hire to productive contributor. All in one, comprehensive onboarding tool.


Onboarding with PeopleFluent Recruiting helps new hires make the transition more successfully.

Hit the ground sprinting with onboarding software

For every new employee and their managers, a mountain awaits. Processes and paperwork. Performance and training. People and culture.

  • Easily assign tasks to new hires, managers, IT, and others, including reminders and notifications to complete forms, acknowledge handbooks, assign equipment, welcome candidates, etc.
  • Quickly create multiple tasks, lists, and rules for when to apply a task or task list to a new hire.
  • Highly configurable, allowing you to define tasks, forms, conditional logic, requirements, formatting, and timing that may vary based on position, location, or additional requirements.
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Processes and paperwork

Cover all the new-hire bases with ease. Administrative tasks, responsibilities and assignments, training materials, and internal resources, all from one place—the PeopleFluent recruiting solution.

Easily administer, collect, and process new hire paperwork

  • Use predefined logic for new hires (e.g. location) to launch specific forms (e.g. state/province tax forms).
  • Onboarding supports multiple types of content, including static and interactive dynamic content. File types include WMV, MOV, 3GP, MP4, WAV, MID, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, and PDF.
  • Onboarding administration can also be configured to support only client-specified content types.

A new hire reviewing their task list as part of their onboarding

People and culture

Engage new hires from day one by effectively demonstrating your organization's investment in their success. Make mentoring, one-on-one introductions, networking, and team meetings impactful and exciting.

A faster, better approach for communications, culture, and process

  • Communications are client-configurable to ensure templates contain the desired content and branding.
  • Configure to meet your unique messaging needs, including:
    • video communications and learning assignments
    • links to other sites or information shared across the company
    • important dates and task management
    • internal contact/resource, documents, and references
    • social streams to communicate with HR and new/existing employees, whether as FAQs, introduction of affinity groups/ERGs, or other onboarding activities to better assimilate new hires

A newly hired candidate looking at their company culture dashboard, which includes a list of the company's Employee Resource Groups

Automate with e-Signature

Send offers out quickly by automating the administration process of onboarding forms with e-Signature.

e-Signatures & offer management

  • Secure document signing allows teams to send and receive e-Signatures.
  • Automate electronic signature across pre-boarding forms and other statutory documents, internal policies, and onboarding processes.
  • No additional software, vendors, sign-ins, or headaches required.

A new candidate using PeopleFluent Recruiting's e-signature feature

Performance and training

Equip new employees with the knowledge they need to be successful contributors. Developmental coaching, training, and self-paced training resources. Kickstart a winning employee experience.

A new hire reviewing her training log and goals

PeopleFluent has a strong track record of supporting HR operations in large organizations with complex workforce needs—especially in industries prone to digital disruption.

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