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PeopleFluent Onboarding

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Employee Experience Starts before Day One

From the moment they accept your offer, employees want to feel welcome. And starting Day One, they want to be productive. Getting onboarding right demands collaboration and communication among recruiters, hiring managers, and new hires themselves.

As part of our best-of-breed talent acquisition system, PeopleFluent Onboarding connects new hires to their team, their role, and the company culture. In one central location, you can generate an offer letter, coordinate benefits enrollment, complete and track compliance checks and forms, and introduce new hires to leaders and distributed teams.

With PeopleFluent Onboarding, you can engage employees in their career journey—fostering a dynamic workplace culture and accelerating productivity.

Focus on Strategy

Engage & Accelerate

Connect new hires to distributed teams and accelerate training via built-in video.


Automate & Streamline

Automate all new hire tasks. Configure workflows—without IT support—to match your onboarding process.


Comply with Confidence

Ensure consistency across your onboarding process. Track compliance by position and location.

Set Meaningful Benchmarks IconDIInsights

Enable Total Talent Management

Consolidate onboarding and compliance activities for employees and contingent labor in a single system.



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Online Compliance Management

  • Track compliance—including NDAs, certifications, drug screening, and security access—by position and location
  • Create, modify, and delete onboarding forms as needed for 100% electronic onboarding
  • Retrieve, view, and print forms as a downloadable package for each new hire
  • Accepts static and dynamic content types, including documents, video, audio, spreadsheets, and presentation files

"Great onboarding can boost productivity by 50% and elevate employee engagement by 54%."
— Society For Human Resources Management.

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