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Making Workflow Work for You

Every day, HR professionals rely on managers to drive the success of talent acquisition and talent management programs. They hold the key to employee motivation, retention, and productivity.

When managers struggle with HR software systems or see recruiting and talent management as an administrative burden, HR spends as much time chasing workflow as they do planning and executing strategy.

Sometimes more.

With PeopleFluent, you can build a unified HCM ecosystem that will drive productivity throughout the organization.

Break Through the Fragmented Reality of Enterprise HR Systems

For too many companies, the promise of the digital workplace is lost in a tangle of fragmented systems that are hard to understand and frustrating to use. Other companies are trapped in all-in-one enterprise solutions that can’t adapt to the unique processes that drive their culture and success.

What’s needed are HCM systems that convey personality and personalization, bringing the voice of HR to talent management workflows in a way that will

  • Inspire and guide managers through informed decisions
  • Help managers understand, embrace, and live the talent strategy
  • Ensure employees affected by manager decisions align to the strategy

Transcend the Transactional

The PeopleFluent Talent Productivity Platform brings the voice of HR and the strategic context to guide and coach managers and employees—transcending the mere automation of transactions. It supports strategic understanding and informed decisions by delivering contextual learning and collaboration tools.

The result?

  • Managers can make timely, informed decisions that reinforce your HR strategy.
  • Employees can share knowledge and grow into new roles.
  • HR teams can drive talent strategy in concert with business goals.

The Talent Productivity Platform integrates PeopleFluent tools and complementary HR solutions.


An Intuitive Talent Experience, Designed by You

Unlike all-in-one HCM cloud suites that dictate how to run your HR program, the Talent Productivity Platform lets you design the employee and manager experience.

It integrates both PeopleFluent tools and complementary solutions—creating a single sign-on home that

  • Reflects your brand
  • Supports your workflow
  • Drives your processes
  • Engages your people

Our smart, intuitive interface accommodates what are often complex processes—such as recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, compensation planning, goal setting and performance, and learning and career development—and simplifies the experience.

With a unified HR ecosystem powered by the Talent Productivity Platform, you can strengthen your talent health, elevate your employer brand, and boost the productivity of your people and your organization.



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