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Infographic: The Trend Towards Creator-Centric Content

Discover how two decades of trends in corporate learning and wider technology have resulted in our current creator-centric present—and an increasingly creator-centric future for L&D.

Reproduced from our ebook Our Creator-Centric Future: How to Build Effective Learning Programs in a World Where Everyone Is a Creator, this graphic timeline covers the key developments in video technology and best practices that have shaped everything from entertainment to our working lives.

From the early, unwieldy days of Flash video production, through to the democratization of video content production brought on by smartphones and increasingly sophisticated platforms, the last two decades of video technology have shaped learning technology too. This infographic plots key innovations and the growth of video production knowledge among learning professionals and helps support the conclusion that a creator-centric approach to learning—one that’s ideally suited to a learning experience platform—is inevitable.

Our Creator Centric Future: The Trend Towards Creator-Centric Content infographic

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