Global Vehicle Rental Conglomerate Achieves Agile Transformation With PeopleFluent Talent Management Solutions

The Challenge: Planning and Deploying Compensation and Performance on a Global Scale

With 25,000 employees spread across 12,400 corporate and franchise locations, the rental and leasing conglomerate needed compensation and performance solutions to solve its multiple talent management challenges. Before partnering with PeopleFluent in 2012 for performance, the company used a homegrown performance system and managed compensation with spreadsheets.

Planning and deploying compensation for 10,000+ employees during each annual cycle required the use of automated tools. Considering it also needed to manage performance for 15,000 employees, the company wanted a vendor to provide both solutions that worked together seamlessly, allowing performance and compensation data to be easily exchanged.

Furthermore, managers supporting its global workforce would need to have tools that were offered in multiple languages. This would allow the company to personalize its talent management process by ensuring global managers could adopt a new solution quicker.

The Solution: A Uniform Compensation and Performance Planning Process

With the use of PeopleFluent’s solutions, the enterprise created a unified approach to its compensation and performance planning. Managing its compensation planning annually, across multiple regions, made it challenging to budget and forecast with so many moving parts. The PeopleFluent Compensation tool allowed the organization’s compensation team to consider percentage changes, and other similar factors, making it easier for managers to submit recommendations.

Because of its many business units spread across the world, the conglomerate required a global system that could be formatted into multiple languages along with the inclusion of different currencies—two functions of the PeopleFluent Performance solution that were not offered by other vendors.

The Results: Adaptability and Greater Clarity on Efficient Workflows

Even as the organization saw various changes within its management teams, managers said they were amazed that the PeopleFluent Performance solution turned out results in a week or two instead of several months. This adaptability provided the company with the clarity necessary to create more efficient workflows across the company.

When the tool was rolled out company-wide, users were offered training, however most managers found it unnecessary due to the performance solution’s intuitive nature. On an individual level, PeopleFluent Performance users have provided HR teams with positive feedback, citing a modern user experience and a welcome shift from manual processes.

Although specific metrics and KPIs were unavailable, the client states that both tools have elicited a “net positive” for the organization’s performance and compensation teams. In addition, senior managers can clearly see where their employees are within the workflow process, whether or not they’ve finished a task on time, as well as the employee’s overall performance.

Thanks to their ease of use, employees have embraced the easy and accurate reporting made available via the performance and compensation dashboards. These dashboards are being used as a central hub to find information, receive feedback, and gather insights on their performance and compensation goals within the respective talent management solutions.

PeopleFluent Performance Management Software

With PeopleFluent Performance software, you can better manage goals, skills and competencies, and development plans. You will be able to fully engage employees, drive productivity, and retain your best talent. Aligned to a clear performance strategy, you will have the tools you need to develop your people, drive performance, and delivery business outcomes.

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