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Rethinking the Performance Review: How to Future-Proof and Spark a Performance Revolution

Although many people don’t get excited about them, performance reviews are an essential process that benefits employees, managers, and organizations as a whole. Employees and managers need reliable feedback that helps them understand their current performance and the skills they need to grow as professionals. Meanwhile, organizations need to understand what skills, motivations, growth potential, and productivity levels already exist in their workforce so they can make informed decisions that drive business results.

This ebook explores the evolving narrative around talent management processes and the significant impact that performance reviews have on an organization’s business decisions. It then offers suggestions for how organizations can leverage performance management technology to enhance their operational strategies and respond to their employees’ needs.

Download your copy and discover how embracing performance appraisals can significantly benefit employees, managers, and your entire organization. Plus, learn how performance management software helps companies:

  • Inform their succession planning
  • Mitigate the impact of potential talent loss
  • Assess the growth potential of talent that demonstrates potential for advancement
  • Align employees’ career goals with organizational objectives
  • Promote engagement between employees and managers

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